Postdoctoral Fellows

George Harrison

Research Interest: Scanning probe microscopy, Photo-electron spectroscopy, Interfaces, Thin-films

Ali Han

Research Interest: 2D Material Growth, Energy storage for lithium ion battery, Energy conversion for water splitting and carbon dioxide reduction, Capacitors

Yuliar Firdaus, Ph.D.

Research Interest: Small molecule acceptor, Polymer, Quantum dot, Photophysics, Solar cell device, charge transport

PhD Students

Samuel Escobar Veras

Research Interest: Nanogaps Devices for light harvesting and sensor technologies

Akmaral Seitkhan

Research Interest: Organic Photovoltaics, Thin-film technologies

Chun Ma

Research Interest: Hybrid perovskite solar cells, (Opto-)Electronic devices

Dounya Barrit

Research Interest: Hybrid perovskite solar cells, Two-step conversion process, Quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring, In Situ GIWAXS, Solution processing

Mingchun Tang

Research Interest: Perovskite solar cells, OLED, In Situ GIWAXS, Structure-Property Relationship

Masters Students

Fahad Al Salem

Research Interest: Sensors, Diodes, Transistors, Electronic materials

Faisal Karim

Research Interest: Transistors, Diodes, Solar cells

Zaineb Felemban

Research Interest: Nanotechnology, Nano gap devices, Capacitors, Solar cells