Principal Investigator

Thomas Anthopoulos, Ph.D.

Professor, Material Science and Engineering​

Research Interest: solution-processed thin film photovoltaics based on organic, Inorganic and hybrid organic-inorganic perovskite light absorbing materials, Nanotechnology, Transistors, Printed Electronics, Electronic materials

Research Scientists

Emre Yengel, Ph.D.

Research Interest: Organic and hybrid based photovoltaics, Thin film opto-electronics, Nanogaps Devices for light harvesting and sensor technologies

Hendrik Faber, Ph.D.

Research Interest: Solution processing, Film formation, Metal oxide semiconductors, Thin-film transistors, (Opto-)Electronic devices

Postdoctoral Fellows

Abhinav Sharma

Research Interest: biosensors, Flexible energy harvesting devices, Lithium batteries, Energy storage

Aniruddha Basu, Ph.D.

Research Interest: Organic Electronics, Organic Field Effect Transistors, Coherent Crystallization

Dipti Naphade, Ph.D.

Research Interest: Piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials, Flexible energy harvesting devices, Wearable nanogenerators and sensors

Emilie Dauzon

Research Interest: Spectroscopic and Microscopic imaging system, Solar Energy

Murali Gedda, Ph.D.

Research Interest: Field-effect transistors, Light emitting diodes, Organic semiconductors, Light emitting transistors, biosensors, Oxide semiconductors, Organic single crystals

PhD Students

Wejdan Alghamdi

Research Interest: Thin-film transistors, Metal oxide semiconductors, Sensors

Begimai Adilbekova

Research Interest: Synthesis of 2D materials, Diodes, Solar cells, Transistors

Emre Yarali

Research Interest: Thin-film transistors, Solution-based semiconductor fabrication, Semiconductor thin films

Kalaivanan Loganathan

Research Interest: Large Area Nano Lithography(a-litho), Nano gap devices

Sanaa Alshammari

Research Interest: Spectroscopic and Microscopic imaging system

Wandi Wahyudi

Research Interest: Lithium batteries, Energy storage

Yuanbao Lin

Research Interest: Printed Method, Doctor Blading, Self assembly interface layer, Large-area and flexible structure

Research Group Staff

Saheena Desai

Lab Coordinator