Emilie Dauzon

Postdoctoral Fellows


Research Interests

The elaboration of stable and stretchable semi-transparent organic solar cells for wearable and related emerging technologies is my main research interest. For this purpose, we modified reference and state-of-the-art organic solar cells by insertion of additives (monomer or reticulating species) in order to form an interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) or to induce reticulation of donor (or acceptor) in the active layer while keeping the high power conversion efficiency. We explored the possibility to provide new mechanical properties, such as stretchability, to the active layer as well as the entire device stack, composed of electrodes, selective hole and electron transporting interlayers, and of the photoactive layer itself. We explored new methods of investigating the solidification and phase transformation of BHJ layers and investigated the role of additives and IPNs on BHJ formation. In addition, with the demonstration of >10% efficiency polymer-based solar cells and >8% flexible devices, we attend to yield fully stretchable and stable photovoltaic devices. This PhD is a joint PhD program between LPPI in Paris Seine,France and KAUST.

Selected Publications

  • ​Applying the Power of Reticular Chemistry to Finding the Missing alb-MOF Platform Based on the (6,12)-Coordinated Edge-Transitive Net
    Z. Chen, L. Weseliński, K. Karim, Y. Belmabkhout, A. Shkurenko, H. Jiang, P. Bhatt, V. Guillerm, E. Dauzon, D-X Xue, M. O'keeffe, M. Eddaoudi
    Journal of the American Chemical Society, 139, 50 (2017)


  • Bachelor, Materials Science-Physics and Chemistry (2009-2012)
  • Ms, Nanomaterials-Nanotechnology-Nanocharacterization  (2012-2014)   
  • Ms, Multifonctional materials for energy  (2014-2015)   

Professional Profile

  • Ph.D., Chemistry, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia & University of Cergy-Pontoise, Cergy, France 2015-currently
  • 5 month internship with Professor Himanshu Mishra (WDRC), KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, 2015
  • 5 month internship with Professor M. Bujoli, Institut des Matériaux de Nantes Jean Rouxel (IMN), Nantes, France, 2014
  • 5 month internship with Professor M. Eddaoudi (AMPM), KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, 2013​

KAUST Affiliations

● KAUST Solar Center
● Division of Physical Science and Engineering (PSE)

Research Interests Keywords

Spectroscopic and Microscopic imaging system Solar Energy