Novel Materials

Development of next generation nanoelectronics in the emerging fields of energy harvesting/conversion, Internet of Things (IoT), bioelectronics, large area electronics or thin film transistors is largely governed by the active materials. Thus, we are investigating various novel active materials such as members of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) and thiocyanate (SCN) families, carbon nanotubes, quantum dots or sulfide based compounds to be incorporated into our active research areas. Our efforts focus on different fabrication techniques such as liquid phase exfoliation, spray pyrolysis or photonic curing, as well as synthesis methods to achieve desired optical and electronic behaviors. These materials are employed for device applications as well as fundamental studies on their properties. In our recent findings, we have shown significant performance boosts of some of these materials in organic photovoltaics, thin film transistors and Schottky diode applications.